California Sues E.P.A.

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, November 8, 2007

The message from California Attorney General Jerry Brown is pretty clear:

“EPA, get out of the way.”

California wants to cut greenhouse gas emissions from new cars thirty percent by 2016.  That’s stricter than federal standards, so the state needs a waiver from the E-P-A.  State officials asked for one nearly two years ago. Now Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says it’s time for an answer:

“There’s no legal basis for Washington to stand in our way or to ignore the will of tens of millions of people in America. So again, the states are taking the lead.”

And if the E-P-A does not grant the waiver?

“We sue again and sue again and sue again until we get it.”

14 other states are expected to file suit as well.  The auto industry argues the new rules will drive up the price of cars.