Guess What? It's Election Day!

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Nope, there’s no presidential primary at stake – that’s in February.  And sorry, all you state lawmakers and local mayoral and city council candidates – your primaries aren’t until June.  No, this campaign is about ... our children.

“Measure B is only for approx 61,000 registered voters in the North area.”
That’s Brad Buyse with the Sacramento County elections department.
“Tomorrow, we’re going to be having our election for the Del Paso High School District, Grant Joint Union High School District, North Sacramento School District and the Rio Linda School District for the qualified voters of those districts to decide on whether they’re going to vote to re-organize that district.”
And that's it for Sacramento County.  Next door in Yolo County, the ballot’s a bit larger.  The county's Board of Education has two vacancies; Davis and Woodland voters have open school board seats to fill; and Davis residents will also vote on two city measures – one to renew a long-standing parcel tax and another to increase public library funding.
Finally, in West Sacramento, there’s a $60 million bond measure on the ballot; that money would go towards the Washington Unified School District.
Low Turnout Expected
Buyse expects a low turnout for the election.
“We’re currently expecting between 25-35% voter turnout for this small election in the north area of the county.”
And he expects even fewer people at polling places.
“Out of the 61,000 registered voters we currently have in this election, we have approx 20,000 people who are permanent absentee ballots. … So we will have some people voting absentee.”
Yolo County expects a similarly low turnout – although their election is county-wide.