State Schools Chief Weighs In On MRSA Infections

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, November 5, 2007

State Schools Superintendent Jack O’Connell says the evidence is anecdotal – so he can’t say how many cases of the drug-resistant bug known as M-R-S-A there are in California.  But he figures the heightened awareness is causing more people to report it.  That’s why O’Connell showed up at Sutter Middle School in Sacramento to talk about prevention:

"Don’t share personal items with any other students-any other people – personal items such as towels, or washcloths, or clothing.” 

He says frequent hand-washing is essential – and athletes should shower after working out or playing sports. O’Connell says schools should also sanitize desks and locker rooms often, as the bug can live on such surfaces.

“Kind of made me a little nervous”

That's Seventh-grader Brandon Koons.  He was in the audience for O’Connell’s press conference.  He says he got the message:

“I didn’t know that you could get infections like that – just makes me want to be on the lookout for diseases like that and wash my hands with soap and water and stuff like that.”

The state’s epidemiologist says when caught early, MRSA is very treatable.  He says staph infections are actually very common – and even the resistant strains do respond to some drugs.