Homeless Moved Off Vacant Lot

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, November 5, 2007

The lot is owned by Union Pacific Railroad. It’s in an industrial area on North B Street. UP spokesman James Barnes says nearby businesses were complaining that it had become a tent city…so UP told the homeless they had to leave yesterday. 

"We sent out written notices to the people to make them aware that they need to evacuate that location because they were trespassing."

But homeless advocates say the eviction was unwarranted. 

"They’re not interfering with anybody and not hurting anybody." 

Mark Merin is a civil rights attorney in Sacramento who represents the homeless. He says now the homeless are scattered around town. 

"They’re just going to have to find some other place to lay their heads and put down their belongings, meager though they be, so it doesn’t solve the problem at all to just drive them from pillar to post." 

The eviction comes a full two weeks before the opening of Sacramento County’s winter shelter on November 19th.