Ugly Fight Over Electoral College Vote Measure

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, November 1, 2007

Under the initiative California would award electoral votes by Congressional district rather than the current “winner take all” system. It’s backed by Republicans and hated by Democrats who fear it could tip the election to the G.O.P candidate.
Democratic State Party Chairman Art Torres says paid signature gatherers hired by the measure’s supporters are using “bait and switch” tactics-- telling people the initiative is something it’s not. Torres says he was approached by a signature gatherer who asked him if he was a Christian.

“And if I was that I should sign this petition—and I have a witness so it’s not just my word—sign this petition  because all Christians supported this reform…”

Torres says he is asking the state Attorney General to investigate. The initiative’s campaign manager denies the accusations and says it’s an attempt by Democrats to confuse voters about the measure.