Access To Higher Education A Big Worry For Californians

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, November 1, 2007

Two-thirds of those surveyed said a college education is necessary to succeed in the workplace.  But more than sixty percent said many qualified residents don’t have the opportunity to get a degree.  P-P-I-C President and C-E-O Mark Baldassare says the cause of the worry is clear:

“The top three reasons for people’s anxiety about college education today were cost, cost, and cost.”

Baldassare says most people believe parents aren’t saving enough for their children’s education – but their concerns go beyond that:

“It’s not just a matter of parents worried about saving – it’s a matter of average Californians feeling that this state is not getting ready for the future.”

Baldassare says nationwide only about half of people see college as essential.  He says the numbers are higher in California because of the high immigrant population.  In the survey, 79 percent of Latinos said college was necessary for success. That’s compared to 55 percent of whites. 

The survey of more than two-thousand adults was conducted in October.