Governor's Health Plan Gets Hearing

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, October 31, 2007

State lawmakers spent nearly two hours grilling the Governor’s Health and Human Services Secretary about various aspects of the Governor’s plan…   Democratic Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez says he’s concerned about the Governor’s requirement that all Californians have coverage

“But if you’re going to force people to have a healthcare plan, boy they better be able to afford it, before we go down that path otherwise it makes absolutely no sense and it’s not good government to do that…”

Health and Human Services Secretary Kim Belshe says the Governor’s plan addresses that and offers coverage for low income residents who make up the largest number of uninsured.  Several lawmakers still want more specifics on the minimum coverage Californians would be required to buy. Despite the differences Nunez says he’s optimistic a deal can be reached by Thanksgiving. 
Legislative leaders want to put a healthcare financing measure before voters next November.