State Insurance Commissioner Considers Initiative to Deal with

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, October 30, 2007

There are around 23-million licensed drivers in California… And the state Insurance Commissioner says one study shows 25-percent are driving without insurance.  So Commissioner Steve Poizner is considering going to voters to beef up enforcement.  His spokeswoman Jennifer Kerns says he’s already expanded a low-cost insurance program statewide to help more people afford coverage.   But she says additional efforts are necessary. 

“That’s to get people really and truly abiding by the law to give law enforcement the teeth they need to go after this problem…” 

Kerns did not elaborate on details of the potential initiative as she says they are still being developed.
Currently drivers can be cited for lack of insurance when they’re pulled over for a traffic violation.  The DMV can also suspend car registrations of those who don’t have it.