Sideshow Physical Theatre Melds Art With Science

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, October 29, 2007

A single tree – the only one left on a barren island. That’s the first thing you see in choreographer Della Davidson’s new piece, which operates on several different levels. For starters, it’s like a play, with actors, and scripted dialog. Della Davidson.


Of course, if the last tree is cut, the island’s society will die with it. This idea is explored through dance by eight performers, who fall down again and again, in every way imaginable.


The movement contrasts with 3-D computer generated images, showing actual damage from environmental catastrophes like a major landslide, and a dam failure.  Then there’s the stage design, with towering structures made from hundreds of carefully stacked cardboard boxes. These come tumbling down during the show. 

(Thud, clunk)

It’s a thought-provoking production. And it’s no accident that it developed at a research university -- possibly the only place you’d find the mix of performers and scientists that combined to create this unusual piece.

"COLLAPSE (suddenly falling down)" continues at the Mondavi Center at UC Davis November 1-4