Wife Of Firefighter Waits, Worries

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, October 25, 2007

Captain Christian Pebbles and about 20 other Sacramento Metro firefighters have been working in the Escondido area for the past five days. 

"As soon as we got here - bam we were in the thick of it. We were in the action hard and fast and it was furious."

He says it was rapid deployment from neighborhood to neighborhood - trying to save homes and other buildings from the fast moving blazes. But Pebbles says while his mind and body are focused on fighting fires his heart is somewhere else. 

"I would love to be home to my beautiful wife tomorrow but that’s not going to happen, I don’t think so." 

Pebbles and his wife are newlyweds. In fact, she’s still getting used to her new name. 

"I’m Anita Patton…I mean, I’m sorry, we just got married (laughs)…it’s Anita Pebbles."

They were married in February of this year. They have a baby due in December. Anita says this is the first time since they’ve been married that her husband has been assigned to fight a fire so far away from home. 

"I can’t tell you how hard it was because I was totally taken by surprise, obviously. He just was up and gone. He took nothing with him." 

She says it was hard to adjust the first few days he was gone. 

"… (sighs), to be honest with you it just sucks (laughs)."

Knowing that her husband is a seasoned pro with 25-years of experience puts Anita’s mind somewhat at ease. Anita says she has faith in his ability and training and tries not to dwell on the life-threatening dangers he faces. 

"I just have to trust and I’m willing to trust because if I let myself go beyond that, too much into the future or too much into the what-ifs, I’m done, I’d be really thrashed." 

The support of family and other firefighters and their wives has also helped her through the various stages of dealing with a deployed husband. 

"It hit me hard, very upset, crying all the time. A little bit of time has passed and so the adjustment is happening and it’s happening pretty well considering we don’t know when he’s going to be back."

And it may be a while before Anita Pebbles finds out when her husband will be returning. Despite a break in the harsh Santa Ana winds, officials say it could be another five days before they can contain the fires.