New Measures To Cut Emissions Adopted

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Air Resources Board approved six measures designed to help the state comply with its landmark greenhouse gas cap.  One would require car tires to be properly inflated for fuel efficiency.  A-R-B Chairwoman Mary Nichols says that would cut back on emissions:

“What the air resources board is going to try to do is to come up with a measure that would require service stations when they have a car there for repair to make sure that they’ve checked the tire pressure.”

Another measure approved by the board requires trucks and trailers be retrofitted to make them more aerodynamic – and therefore more fuel efficient.  Board members also gave the o-k to a requirement that ports make electrical outlets available to docked ships to reduce idling.  Some trucking industry officials say retrofitting their vehicles will be too expensive.