Investors: Greenbriar Lawsuit "Unfortunate"

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Greenbriar Project is about 580 acres northeast of where Highway 99 splits off from I-5.
The land is part of unincorporated Sacramento County, but the city of Sacramento wants to annex it and develop it.  Two environmental groups are trying to stop that -- by suing the county agency that handles annexation requests.
Greenbriar Project manager Phil Serna: 
“This project has had the benefit of a great amount of thought to make sure that it is a project that is pedestrian-friendly, transit-friendly.  There’s not a single cul-de-sac in the project.  It’s been designed with a grid street in mind.”
But plaintiffs’ attorney Jim Pachl says Greenbriar would pave over prime farmland in a deep flood basin that’s cut off from the community.
The project’s investors are Woodside Homes and Angelo Tsakopoulos’s AKT Development Corporation.