Placer County Supe: Show Me the Numbers

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(Auburn, CA)
Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Placer Ranch has said it’s going to withdraw its application from the county and ask Roseville to annex the land – 2200 acres just north of the city’s boundary.
The project’s president calls the decision “strictly financial.”  But Placer County supervisor Robert Wygandt wants to see the numbers. 
“Common sense dictates that there simply cannot be a dramatic difference in the cost in the city of Roseville as compared to the county for delivering exactly the same levels of service.”

And if there is no difference in costs, Wygandt says, Roseville’s reduced fees would be what he calls a “huge subsidy” to the developer.
Supporters say Placer Ranch will bring as many as 20-thousand jobs and millions of dollars to the community.