Local Fire Fighter in SoCal: Santa Ana Winds "Explosive"

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(Escondido, CA)
Tuesday, October 23, 2007

You can hear the full interview with Cptn. Pebbles by clicking the "Listen" button above.  He starts by saying where he was when he spoke with KXJZ late Tuesday afternoon and what he's working on.

There are now more than 6,000 fire fighters battling 16 separate blazes in Southern California.  And among them are a few dozen local fire fighters.
Sacramento Metro Fire Department Captain Christian Pebbles is one of them.  He says the biggest difference from his work up here is the notorious Santa Ana winds. 
“When the winds feed this thing, it’s explosive. You’re watching this explode and it’s just a sight beyond anything you’ve seen in Northern California.  So it’s something for all of us down here to go, a big ‘Ahhh,’ you know what I mean?  It’s definitely something to experience.”

Pebbles has been fighting the Witch Fire in Northeast San Diego County since he arrived early Monday morning.  Right now, he says, it’s simply too powerful to stop.
Pebbles spoke with us from base camp in Escondido.