Four-Home Midtown Fire Contained

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The house fire officials say it all started at, about 10:30 Tuesday morning, is 2405 Q St.
The fire quickly spread to three surrounding houses – including one that’s under construction.
But by the time Sacramento Fire Captain Chad Augustin spoke to the media about 90 minutes later, the entire blaze – all four houses – had been contained. 
“The problem with this area down here – you have beautiful, older homes.  But they’re so closely spaced together and they don’t have fire stops.  So if you have a fire that starts on the first floor, it quickly spreads to the second floor, the attic.”
Augustin says one fire fighter injured his back and one pet was killed in the blaze.  But other than that, there were no reports of injuries in any of the four houses.
The fire department did evacuate the homes surrounding the blaze because, as Augustin says, the buildings there are so close together.