Senior Legislators Unveil Top Ten Proposals

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Senior Legislators just wrapped up their three day annual session.  They range in age from their sixties to their nineties. They consider bill ideas, hold committee hearings and end up with their top ten state legislative proposals. They also come up with ideas for federal law.   Senior Assembly Member Sharon Monck says their bills get a good reception from the real lawmakers. 

 “When they see that these issues have filtered through the senior legislature and have become a priority for seniors, they already have a body that’s supporting this legislation  …

Among their proposals is one to require nursing homes to provide a private room for dying residents. Another would require drug companies to put an expiration date on their packaging.  They also want a registry of those who are convicted of elder abuse. The Senior Legislators say 65-percent of their proposals pursued in the legislature become law.