Rancho Murieta Expansion Approved

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Some residents don’t like the idea of adding 1,800 homes to the community off of Jackson Road. Candy Chand is one of them. She urged the board to vote against the expansion.

"The Board of Supervisors have many responsibilities and your mission is vast but I don’t think your mission is to make sure these developers have a great big profit margin. Your mission is to protect the citizens of Sacramento County and to protect the environment." 

Chand says the project needs more scrutiny. But Supervisor Roger Dickinson said it’s already been studied enough. 

"Whatever this threshold analysis is going to tell us is either going to simply confirm what we’ve already heard or be used for the purpose of attempting to further delay this decision on this project." 

Dickinson noted that the original plan for Rancho Murieta called for 5,000 homes. So far only 2,500 have been built.