Labor, Consumer Groups Hold Vigils for Healthcare

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bill Camp with the Sacramento Central Labor Council is pitching a tent on the state Capitol lawn.  He’s spending 48 hours there fasting and praying.  Why?

“To bring attention to the fact that we’ve got to quit fooling around – you know, we’ve been talking about this being the year of healthcare, and you know, it’s getting close to  November!”

The labor groups oppose the Governor’s proposal which requires all Californians have coverage.   They say it’s unaffordable.  They preferred a Democratic plan that called for more contributions from employers.  But the Governor vetoed that. Schwarzenegger press secretary Aaron McLear says labor groups are poisoning the debate:

“Everybody else is putting forth a real effort to get this done.  Except labor."  

McLear says he hopes they’ll come back to the table to work out a deal.