Kings Arena at Cal Expo Talks to Continue This Week

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, October 15, 2007

John Moag got the Cal Expo board to approve opening talks with just a three-paragraph letter and a 60-second public statement.  Since then, says Cal Expo CEO Norbert Bartosik:
“We haven’t met with Mr. Moag.  So until we kind of get a sense of where we begin this whole process, we’re not sure exactly – I mean, we know this is a land deal; we know there’s a sports issue related to it.  But the whole focus is gonna have to come down to how we make it all work.”
And the lack of details is one reason Cal Expo’s executive committee cancelled a meeting set for today.  The committee was supposed to recommend that the full board hire a legal counsel and consultants.  But at this point, Bartosik says, no one’s ready to do that yet.
Still, answers could finally begin to emerge this week, when Moag returns to Sacramento.