Local Leaders Study Streetcars In Portland

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Local officials recently headed to Portland for important business: to ride the trains. They were trying to determine whether streetcars could work here as well as they work in the City of Roses. 

Officials here are studying a plan to link Sacramento and West Sacramento with a streetcar over the Tower Bridge. The proposal has a hefty price tag; the route between West Sacramento’s City Hall and the Sacramento Convention Center, a 2.2-mile link, would run $50 million. 

Portland offers a successful example. The streetcars there are credited with revitalizing downtown and creating development. 

But in Sacramento, finding funding will be the tricky part. A large burden would fall to developers, and federal funding is uncertain. But multiple groups, including the cities, the Yolo County Transportation District, the Sacramento Regional Transit District and developers, are supporting the effort.