Governor Changes Healthcare Plan

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, October 9, 2007

One big change involves the state lottery.  Schwarzenegger wants to lease it to a private company.  He estimates that’ll net about two billion dollars a year for healthcare.  There’s also a change to how much some employers will pay into the system.  Under his old plan, companies with ten or fewer employees were exempt.  Not anymore.

“All employers will share in the responsibility and of course the smaller companies will pay less.”

It’ll now be figured on a sliding scale - from zero to four percent.  And doctors are off the hook.  He had originally proposed they pay a fee – but that’s off the table now.  The Governor says financing for his plan would be put to voters in November.  That’s because they won’t be able to get it through the legislature – Republicans don’t support it.  Critics say the new plan requires all Californians to have insurance – but doesn’t make it affordable enough.