Water Hearing will Cover Dams

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, October 8, 2007

Republican Senator Dave Cogdill is carrying the bill that calls for new dams… He says something must be done to store rainfall in a changing climate.

 “We believe it’s imperative that we add to our existing toolbox if you will the additional capacity to store more of this water in surface water reservoirs…”

Both Cogdill and Democratic Senator Mike Machado are on the committee that will hear the issue.  Machado says he has lots of questions. 

 “What is the yield from these dams, how much water do we get? What is it going to cost? And how is that going to address the ongoing supply problem that California faces?  And who’s going to pay?"

Republicans say they want a comprehensive water plan but it must include dams.  Democrats’ plan would leave such decisions to build up to local governments. Machado says a vote on measures could happen later in the week.