Water Bond Closer To Ballot

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, October 8, 2007

A Senate committee approved the bill that would put a nearly seven billion dollar water bond to voters.  That money would go for fixing the Delta, conservation and water storage.  Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata wrote the bill.  The deadline to get the measure on the next ballot is a week away, and the Democrat says his plan’s been worked on for months:

“This should go on the February ballot.  It won’t get any better by delay, brinksmanship or the search for the perfect solution.”

Perata’s measure does not rule out dams – though Democrats don’t favor them.  But Republicans have said they won’t vote for a water plan unless it includes new dams.

"They provide in our opinion the biggest bang for the buck relating to the ability to store water.”

That’s Republican Senator Dave Cogdill, whose bills calling for 3 new dams were rejected by the same committee.  He was carrying the legislation for Governor Schwarzenegger.