SoCal Agriculture Suffers from Delta Water Shortage

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, October 8, 2007

The Metropolitian Water District of Southern California approved the cuts Monday, says General Manager Jeff Kightlinger. 
“We are planning on cutting deliveries by water supplies to our agricultural customers in Southern California by 30 percent, and that would become effective January 1.”
The cuts stem from a statewide shortage caused by last winter’s drought and a federal court ruling that restricts how much water can move through the Delta.

Tiny fish called smelt are getting trapped in the state’s water pumps.  That’s why the court is limiting how much water the state can deliver to Southern California. 
“An impact in the Delta has a ripple effect throughout the entire state.”
And Kightlinger says if the weather doesn’t cooperate this winter, that court ruling could lead to even stricter water standards next year – even rationing.