Biking, Hiking Trail Bill Awaits Gov.'s Signature

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Most Capitol rallies have chants and marches.  Not this one, though… 

(sound of bikes)

That’s a few dozen people biking around the Capitol Tuesday.  They’re supporting a bill that would make a proposed trail system along the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta eligible for bond funds approved by voters last year.

“Having a safe way to ride from Sacramento to San Francisco is ideal,” said Andy Samms of Fairfield, a member of a bicyclists’ group called the Sacramento Wheelmen. “Right now, you can do that ride but it’s not safe at all.”

The goal is to build a trail atop the levees all along the Delta.  The bill squeezed by the Senate on a party-line vote, but got much broader, bipartisan support in the Assembly. 
But you might be surprised by the bill’s chief sponsor.
“My name is Randall Lewis and my title is the California State Grange President.”
The Grange is a group that represents and lobbies for rural land owners, and you might think those folks would object to bikers and hikers barging through their property.  But Lewis says his group came up with the idea at last year’s convention because: 
“It’s gonna allow agritourism to increase in California.  So it’s a great tool for agriculture to get the word out about our California farmers.”
Lewis says trails along the levees would open up opportunities for farm stands, bed and breakfast inns and more.