Foreclosures Contributing To Blight

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, October 1, 2007

Under the new ordinance, property owners would get a 30-day notice to maintain their vacant building and the landscaping around it or face a $ 500 fine. After 60-days the fine would be doubled. Carl Simpson heads the county’s Code Enforcement Division.

"This gives us a little bit more leverage when dealing with mortgage companies primarily who have had a tendency to thumb their noses at us and I shouldn’t say all of them but there’s been a few that we’ve had difficulty with as far as being responsive to our request that they maintain the properties once they’ve been forclosed."

Simpson says neglected buildings not only lower surrounding property values, they can also invite criminal activity. And he says the problem isn’t just in one area of Sacramento, it’s countywide. If supervisors approve the ordinance, it would take effect in about a month.