Stockton to Get First Community Re-Entry Facility

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, September 26, 2007
It’s currently called the Northern California Women’s Facility.  But you have to think that’s gonna change…
“It’s gonna be for men.”
That’s Stockton Mayor Ed Chavez, whose city has endorsed the idea.  Here’s how it works: Inmates originally from three local counties with about a year left in their sentence will be eligible for the facility.  There, they’ll get job training, substance abuse counseling and other services.
Chavez says it’s good for the prisoners -- and for the community. 
“These are folks that are coming back to us already.  My thinking is, with the different programs that they have during their last year, plus a continuum of services once they come out in the community, we’ll be able to better prepare them to have hopefully positive futures.”
The Mayor says he has found some local businesses interested in hiring parolees.