Progress Reports Mixed on Special Session

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It’s quiet at the state Capitol—only a handful of lawmakers are working on the two issues, while a number of others are traveling overseas. Governor Schwarzenegger told reporters not read too much into their absence…

“All the experts are at the table everyday working very hard and there is a great, great atmosphere, Democrats and Republicans working together so it really I think a lot will be accomplished, people will be amazed.”

But the Senate’s top Democrat is not so optimistic.  The Governor and legislators want to put a water bond on the February ballot. Legislation must be ready by mid-October.  Don Perata says getting Republican support for a plan is going to be tough: 

 “The Governor cannot get any Republican votes here.  He just can’t.  I have a much better chance of getting a Republican vote than he does.
On water, lawmakers will hold a hearing on bonds next week.  As for healthcare, the Governor is expected to unveil some new legislation—soon.