Soy Deli Tofu Recalled

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, September 24, 2007
South San Francisco based Quong Hop and Company has recalled multiple lots of its Soy Deli tofu after a package tested positive for Listeria, a bacteria that can cause serious infections in children and the elderly. The company expanded the alert to all tofu products it produced during the same time period as the contaminated sample. The recall covers all varieties and sizes of Soy Deli tofu with a date code of Dec. 17, 2007; 30-ounce packages of Soy Deli Nigari tofu with a date code of Sept. 23 and Oct. 17, 12-ounce packagers of Soy Deli water pack tofu with date coded of Sept. 23, 2007 and 16-oz. packages of Quong Hope brand water pack tofu. So far no illness have been reported from any of the recalled products.