Speaker Urges Support for Undocumented Students

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Students rallied outside the University of California Regents meeting at U.C. Davis.   They’re concerned about a report on student diversity at U.C .schools.  It said fewer of the top minority students were choosing U.C. and those who attend are borrowing more money.  

Martha Preciado with the University of California Student Association says the report’s findings were not met with a promise of money for outreach to minorities known as “academic prep”. 

  “If they are so concerned about diversity, how come they’re not funding academic prep which is one of the gateways to create diversity in our U.C. system"

Inside, Democratic Assembly Speaker and U.C. Regent Fabian Nunez urged his colleagues to lobby for a bill that would offer financial aid— including some Cal Grants-- to undocumented students.  He says it’s a way to draw in talented kids because public schools can’t recruit based on race. 

“You’re talking about students who are resilient, who are hard working, who come to this country obviously not by choice but because their parents bring them here.”

Schwarzenegger vetoed a similar measure last year—saying it would punish students here legally by limiting financial aid for them.