"No Snitching" Culture Slows Double-Homicide Investigation

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, September 17, 2007
The baby boy was shot as he sat alone in his father’s car outside the house.  Sgt. Tim Curran says so far, Sheriffs detectives can’t figure out why. 
“We’re interviewing the witnesses that were there – the two men that were there – and we’re just not getting full cooperation.”
Audio Clip of "No Snitchin'" by Chamillion: “If you know what i kno-oooow, then you'll keep yo’ mouth closed.  We don’t tolerate snitches…”
Rap songs like this one drive the “No Snitching” message home in neighborhoods around the country.  Captain Daniel Hahn with the Sacramento Police Department runs into that wall a lot. 
“You go to a call where somebody was shot at a large party and there’s hundreds of people standing round.  You’d be lucky to get a couple of people to tell you what they know.  Most of the people for some reason didn’t see anything by the time you talked to them.”
Hahn says sometimes people keep quiet for their own protection – especially when a crime is gang-related.  But the Sheriffs department says they don’t think that’s the case here.  Either way, no one’s talking … even though an 8-month-old boy was shot in cold blood.