New Parole Reduction Considered

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, September 17, 2007

The Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has developed a new screening test to determine which parolees could be released from supervision after only six months.  Current parole terms run anywhere from a year to three years.   Department Secretary Jim Tilton says the goal is to free up resources to focus supervision on those more likely to re-offend.  A parole district in Orange County will serve as the testing grounds for the new practice. Tilton says only non-violent offenders will be considered and they’ll have to meet  other criteria. 

“Have they complied with all the conditions of parole? Have they been testing clean in terms of drug treatment? Do they have a job?  All those things we know if you have those kind of things you’ll be successful…”

The group Crime Victims United has raised concerns about the plan saying the category of non-violent criminals to be considered for the early parole is too broad.