Groups Concerned About No Session on Redistricting

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, September 17, 2007

Governor Schwarzenegger says he’s still interested in changing the way legislative districts are drawn—but he says top lawmakers aren’t.  Schwarzenegger says time hasn’t run out.

“So we will continue talking about that and negotiating and remember we can put it still on the November ballot…”

But Trudy Schaefer with the League of Women Voters says public interest groups are dismayed.  She says the League is lobbying the Governor and legislative leaders to get something on the February ballot. 

 “It would not take much to find out what really will work for everyone and put it into a ballot and we believe the people will be best served if they go ahead and do that.”

Schaefer says it’s crucial to have a new system in place when it comes time to draw new political boundaries— after the 2010 census.  However some analysts are taking a dim view saying the issue is probably dead for the foreseeable future.