Legislative Highlights As Session Winds Down

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A couple of the bills now on the way to the Governor deal with the food we eat.  One requires chain restaurants to list nutritional information like calories and saturated fat on menus.  Another would require food containing cloned animal products to be labeled.  Two other bills address what we can do in the car. 

One makes it illegal to smoke with a kid under 18 in the vehicle – another requires car seats for children up to age 8.  Right now it’s age 6.  A controversial bill makes undocumented college students eligible for state financial aid. Lawmakers also passed legislation creating a hemp-growing pilot program in four counties, and another sets up a stiffer punishment for poaching lobster, sturgeon and other marine life.  

Even as regular session wraps up for the year, The Governor has already called lawmakers into special sessions to deal with healthcare reform and water.