Pay & Display Stations Up And Running This Week

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, September 10, 2007

If you’ve been in midtown recently, you’ve probably seen the new machines. 

"They are state of the art, solar operated stations that few cities have right now." 

Linda Tucker is with the city’s Transportation Department. They’re pulling out the old parking meters and replacing them with Pay and Display kiosks. Each block has a few stations. Right now, they’re primarily on J Street. The machines accept coins and credit cards. Tucker says they tested out a few pilot kiosks around Cesar Chavez Park and people love them. 

"They like the convenience of being able to use their credit card and not have to hunt through car seats for quarters."

At $7,500 each, the kiosks cost a lot more than standard parking meters. But Taylor says over time they’ll pay for themselves because they require less maintenance than regular meters The city plans to install 300 of the machines in midtown by the end of the year.