Local Law Enforcement Officials: Don't Release Prisoners

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, September 6, 2007
If the state has to let its prisoners go, it will be the counties that get stuck absorbing them.  So District Attorney Jan Scully and Sheriff John McGinness both say the judges should give a legislative compromise from earlier this year a chance.
That bill, AB 900, calls for building more prison and jail beds and rehabilitating inmates.  McGinness says Sacramento County hopes to work with local businesses to bring paroled inmates into the workforce. 
“Carpenters, cabinetry people in particular, trucking companies, agricultural workers, food preparation, mechanical, welding, the full gambit.  And all of those things need to be done inside the institution as well.  So there’s a real good base to start them – orient them – in that direction.”
McGinness says if all goes well, those programs could start up early next year.