Theatre Review: The Book Of Liz

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, September 5, 2007

alk about strange. You’re standing by a highway, when you spot a woman dressed like a Pilgrim. With her is a six-foot-tall, walking, talking version of Mr. Peanut, waving a cane.

(excerpt from play)

You’ve entered the unpredictable world of essayist David Sedaris, a name familiar to NPR listeners. This play, which he wrote with sister Amy, takes us first to rural Pennsylvania, where we visit a dour religious community resembling the Amish. Then we encounter some crazy immigrants from the Ukraine, and a bunch of recovering alcoholics. Gradually, the focus of the story becomes, of all things, hand-made cheeseballs.

(excerpt from play)

Really, don’t look for logic, that’s not the point. This play resembles one of the Sedaris essays on “This American Life.” It’s about mood, attitude, and bent humor. My recommendation: just go with the flow, and laugh at the surprises. And enjoy the hardworking cast – four actors playing a total of 14 characters, using lots of wigs and beards.

"The Book Of Liz" continues at the B Street Theatre through September 30th.