Term Limits Measure Could Play Out in Other Issues

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The measure approved for the ballot would allow lawmakers to serve twelve years in one house instead of fourteen in both the Assembly and Senate.   Governor Schwarzenegger has said he will not support a change in term limits unless it’s accompanied by a measure to change the way political districts are drawn.

Barbara O’Connor, who teaches political communication at Sacramento State University,  says that could be a bargaining chip for the Governor when it comes to negotiating on his top issues such as healthcare reform and water storage.  She says he could make or break the initiative. 

 “He has great appeal with the voters and were he to come out in favor of the term limits initiative it would certainly benefit the organizers of the initiative and almost ensure its passage…”

O’Connor says the Governor will likely wait until his issues are wrapped up before announcing which way he will go on the measure.