Healthcare Debate Rages On

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Governor made a surprise appearance at a news conference with child healthcare advocates and the Democratic legislative leaders.  He made it clear that he’s not willing to stop at insuring all children – he wants everyone to have health insurance.  And he seemed undaunted by the fact that Republicans won’t support his plan:

“All of this stuff I’m not that worried about.  It makes it more difficult when not everyone’s on board, yes.  There will be a lot of minefields in front of us.  There will be a lot of stumbling blocks in front of us.  But we have almost three weeks.  We are going to do it.” 

Democratic leaders plan to put a bill that doesn’t need Republican support on the Governor’s desk.  The measure would require businesses to cover workers or pay into a state fund.   Democrats also have back-up bills ready that would insure all children if the larger measure fails.  
The Assembly Speaker is expected to put Governor Schwarzenegger’s healthcare plan up for a vote on the floor  Thursday.  It requires a two-thirds vote to pass….and it’s not expected to get that.