Healthcare Deadlock at the Capitol?

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Democratic legislative leaders say their best hope is to work out a deal with the Governor:  One that wouldn’t need Republican support.  Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez says the G-O-P has made it clear they won’t support the Democrats’ – or the Governor’s plan:

“whether you agree of disagree with the republican leaders, they have a point of view, and at some point you gotta know when to stop barking up that tree.”

But the Governor has indicated he would veto the Democrats’ plan, which calls for businesses to provide coverage or pay into a state fund.  The Governor’s proposal is similar, but also taxes doctors and hospitals and mandates everyone be insured.  Unlike the Democrats’ plan, it requires a two thirds vote.  G-O-P Assembly Leader Mike Villines says it’s too rushed:

 “I think in the last ten days of session to put something together runs a risk that we should all be very careful about”.

Nunez plans to put the Governor’s plan up for a vote in the Assembly on Thursday.