Assembly Speaker to Force Vote On Governor's Plan

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, August 27, 2007

State Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez says he’ll introduce the Governor’s healthcare reform plan to see if it can achieve the two-thirds vote necessary in the legislature. 

 “I would like the Governor sooner rather than later to come to the same conclusion that Senator Perata and I came to several months ago which is the only way to do healthcare reform is with a simple majority vote…”

Schwarzenegger’s plan requires the super majority vote because of its charges on doctors, hospitals and employers have been defined as a tax.

It would require Republican support in the state legislature—which so far has not been forthcoming.  Nunez and Senate Democratic Leader Don Perata’s plan only requires a simple majority vote.   

The Governor has not commented on Nunez’s action, saying only he looks forward to getting into negotiations.  He’s hoping to reach agreement on the issue by the end of the session—  just three weeks away.