Angora Fire Cleanup Complete

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(South Lake Tahoe, CA)
Friday, August 24, 2007
We all know government officials like to brag a lot.  But this time, says B. Gorman with the local chamber of commerce, it’s justified. 
"No one believed that they would accomplish what they said they were going to, I don’t think, when they announced it.”
“They” are officials from several state agencies, El Dorado County, the city of South Lake Tahoe, and more. 
“40 days after the fire, the lots are cleared of debris and are ready to be certified.  And foundations can start going back in.  It’s really unprecedented," Gorman says.
Gorman says the reason everyone worked so well together … is that it’s such a small community.  When people live and work that close to each other, she says, it makes a huge difference.