New Warehouse For Teachers

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, August 22, 2007

K-through-12 teachers like Futures High School biology instructor Kristy Dornan spend an average of $500 a year on classroom materials, according to a recent study on Teacher Buying Behavior.

"I mean every teacher knows that when you go into the classroom there’s always going to be extra things that you’re going to need for your particular class." 

Dornan was at Wednesday's opening of the Resource Area for Teaching – or RAFT. It’s a new warehouse at McClellan Business Park filled with inexpensive teaching tools.  

"This is awesome. This is going to be a really good resource for teachers in this area."

One kit designed to teach 2nd graders about sound and vibration contains a pack of tongue-depressors, rubber bands and strips of paper.

"So using things that are discards that the medical industry can’t use anymore they create a little vibrating mechanism and so that kind of goes along with California science standards about teaching about sound and vibration."

Eric Bull with RAFT says their goal is to keep things that local businesses throw away out of landfills and repurpose them into educational tools.

This is RAFT’s second warehouse. The non-profit group opened its first building in San Jose about 12-years ago.