Post-Budget, Controller Pledges To Get Checks Out Quickly

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hospitals and nursing homes, community colleges and day care centers have been going without state aid for weeks.  And Controller John Chiang is asking state agencies to identify those in dire situations so they can be paid first.  He’s also gathering extra staffers who’ll work weekends and long hours:

“We are going to have nearly 60 people work overtime to expedite the processing of these payments and hopefully we’re going to get most of these out in 7-10 days, on an expedited basis, 3 days.”

Law allows the Controller’s office 15 days to process a claim.  He says they won’t be charging for the expedited process – which is also unusual.  Chiang can’t actually send any checks until the Governor signs the budget bill.  The Controllers’ office estimates 60-thousand claims have been withheld because of the late budget.  They hope to get the backlog processed within two to three months