People With Chronic Illness Lobby for Reforms

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, August 16, 2007

The group is calling itself the California Chronic Care Coalition.  The patient advocates and provider organizations say they’re behind the Governor’s ideas to reform health care.   Liz Helms is the founder of the coalition and heads the TMJ and facial pain society of America.  She says the group represents those who cost the system the most. 

“We represent the people who can’t access care or are denied care if they need an individual plan because they have a pre-existing condition…”

That’s why the group supports the Governor’s proposed requirement that people have insurance and a guarantee that anyone can buy it.
They also like the preventive aspect of his plan.  However critics of the Governor’s proposal have said it will hurt business

Concerns have been raised that with the budget impasse, negotiations on healthcare may not happen this year.  However, Coalition members say they believe the debate is alive and well.