Salk Academy Closing Achievement Gap

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Jonas Salk High Tech Academy in the San Juan Unified School District saw improvements among students who are African American, Hispanic and English Language Learners.

District Superintendent Steven Enoch says it’s because they restructured the school last year and invested in 400 laptop computers for the kids. 

"Even before these results came out, all you had to do was visit the school and know it was a changed place. Kids were excited. At the end of a class period, instead of being run over by kids exiting the door, they’re still there, they’re lingering, they’re working on their computers." 

According to the latest STAR results for the school, the number of Hispanic students scoring advanced or proficient in English-language arts improved by 8.5%. For African-Americans, it was 5.5%