Tougher Rental Inspections Tested

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, August 14, 2007

In the past, building inspections were based on complaints. But over the past 10 months, officials with the Code Enforcement Department have been checking out apartments proactively.

Spokesman Randy Stratton says the most common violation had to do with smoke detectors.   

"…missing or non operable smoke detectors; there were exposed electrical wiring; plumbing drains that were improperly installed; just various exterior violations, not enough paint to protect the wood on the building is very common."

Stratton says about one-in-three properties were found to be in non-compliance. The pilot program focused on two neighborhoods: Dixieanne in the north and Oak Park in the south. It’s funded by inspection fees paid for by landlords.

Tuesday night, council members will decide whether to make changes to the program and extended it citywide.