City Considers North Natomas Annexation

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, August 13, 2007

Heidi Latwata has lived in Natomas Park for the past seven years. She’s against annexation because she says there aren’t enough police to deal with more residents.   

"Without a police department, to continue to build in Natomas Park where there’s already over 400 houses for sale, I don’t know who’s going to protect the residents that already live there." 

The city is considering annexing 1,400 acres of county land known as “The Panhandle” bordered on the north by Elkhorn Boulevard and on the south by Interstate 80. New residential and retails developments are planned for the area.

Jay Guzman of Natomas Park says it’s too much growth too fast.  

"This plan is another chapter in the transition from the Natomas Park Community Plan into the Natomas Park sprawling community." 

If city and county officials agree to move forward, the plan would still need to be approved by a local agency that oversees boundary changes.