Assembly Speaker Pushes for Budget Change

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, August 13, 2007

Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez says continued budget deadlock in the state Senate brings up a fundamental question: 

 “Do we want to be one of three states in the entire country that has two-thirds voter threshold on the passage of a budget…”

Nunez says he wants to reduce the budget vote requirement in California to 55 percent.  That means Republican support wouldn’t be as essential to passing the spending plan as it is now.  GOP State Senator Tom McClintock  - who rarely votes for a budget -- thinks reducing the threshold is a good idea—but for a different reason:

“It provides clear accountability on which party is responsible for the budget.”

McClintock says two-thirds should continue to be the threshold for all tax increases.   The budget has been held up in the State Senate, where Republicans are asking for more cuts and changes to environmental law.