Tougher Gun Laws Passed

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, August 10, 2007

 It requires dealers to take the names, addresses and thumbprints of people who buy ammo. During the public testimony, Anthony Tannahill of Greenhaven urged council members to reject the ordinance. He said it’s unfair to law-abiding citizens.   

"So we’re sending a pretty clear message to the criminals: ‘carry on with your violent ways. When it comes to weapons control, obtain whatever you want. Our sportsmen, they’ll fill out a form.’"

But City Councilwoman Bonnie Pannell said it could be an effective tool to prevent gun violence. 

"Young people are killing people today so if this is going to help deter that, I have to support it." 

Another new law passed by the council gives gun owners 48 hours to report a lost or stolen firearm. Sacramento has had 17 gun-related homicides so far this year. In the county it’s been 36.